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Organisation Description

We offer training suitable for every member of the Health and Social Care workforce including support staff, carers, nurses and GPs. In order to offer better service to our customers we collaborate with Health and Social Care industry partners including LloydsPharmacy. We are also aligned with Skills For Health and the national regulatory bodies.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Equality and Diversity

    Online Course | CareShield Limited

    This course has been updated to incorporate the Equality Act 2010. It has been developed to provide staff with an introduction to diversity in the workplace and an understanding of how other people and cultures should be. respected.

  • Health and Safety Awareness

    Online Course | CareShield Limited

    This course raises awareness of Health and Safety issues that can occur in the workplace. Learners will learn of risk assessments and the importance of taking responsibility to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Moving and Positioning People

    Online Course | CareShield Limited

    This moving and handling course is aimed at meeting the requirements of the safety; health and welfare at work act 2005 that apply to moving and handling in the workplace.

  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk

    Online Course | CareShield Limited

    This module has been designed to highlight the signs and symptoms of abuse which a learner may come in contact with during the course of their working day. Learners will become familiar with the process of reporting a disclosure.

  • The Principles of Infection Control/Causes and Spread of Infections

    Online Course | CareShield Limited

    This course is designed for care workers to help them understand the importance of Infection Control in the workplace. The content is aimed at improving working practices and affecting change in the work environment.

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