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We are international thought leaders contributing to innovation and groundbreaking health and social change. By disentangling complex experiences and finding big ideas that can be shared, we have developed a reputation as the people who make sense and can provide evidence that helps and makes a difference in real time and in real life.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • IPS-Doing What Works

    Training Course | Centre For Mental Health Training Ltd

    Centre For Mental Health Training Ltd

    . Aimed at new employment specialists; this course will help you to set up or work in an effective IPS service. Individual Placement and Support (IPS) has been internationally recognised as the most effective method of supporting people with severe mental illness into sustainable; competitive employment. Employment specialists in UK IPS Centres of Excellence successfully support 50% of clients into paid employment; irrespective of the severity of their diagnosis or additional substance misuse. This two-day training course is ideal for employment specialists who want to use IPS principles to increase paid job outcomes for people primarily with mental health conditions but adaptable for other health conditions.

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