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Organisation Description

Founded in 2001, Cerebra is a unique national charity that strives to improve the lives of children with neurological conditions, through research, information and direct, on-going support. Living with neurological conditions can make life very hard, not just for the child, but for their family too. At Cerebra, with the help of our supporters, we aim to make it easier.

Cerebra’s aim is to provide high quality health and social care information for the parents and carers of children aged 0-16 years with neurological conditions. Cerebra help children with any kind of brain related condition, whether it be one they were born with such as Cerebral Palsy or Autism, or a condition acquired through an injury.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Accessing Public Services Toolkit Workshop

    Workshop | Cerebra


    Research shows that disabled people and their families experience great difficulties accessing support services from public bodies. This workshop aims to unpick these problems and to develop effective strategies for resolving them. The idea behind this is that it is not in the interest of the public bodies to have these commonly occurring problems and that most of these are capable of being resolved without great expense to those involved.

  • Disability Living Allowance

    Workshop | Cerebra


    Everyone who has ever tried to fill in a Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Claim Form will know what a huge and daunting task it can be. This workshop aims to give parents in conjunction with Cerebra’s popular DLA Guide; the skills and confidence to be able to complete the DLA claim form. In addition the workshop gives explanations of what the questions on the form mean and tips on how to answer the questions. It also gives advice about how to appeal if you are unhappy with the decision and on renewals. An explanation is provided on related benefits that result once DLA is granted. Attendees will also learn about the issues and problem areas around claiming DLA and how to question whether they are getting the correct rate of benefit.

  • Sleep

    Workshop | Cerebra


    Cerebra understands how difficult it can be for a child to get a good night’s sleep. Our workshop looks at ways of supporting families where this is the case. It explains why sleep is important and shows what factors can affect a child’s quality of sleep. Common sleep problems are discussed and delegates are shown ways to overcome these issues. Case studies also give the delegates suggestions for starting suitable sleep hygiene routines.

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