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Organisation Description

Our mission is to improve, support and develop the well being and education of children and their families by encouraging and supporting childminders to continually improve the service they offer.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Developing Children’s Learning

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    A sound knowledge and understanding of how children develop and learn helps with effective planning for individual children. It aids understanding of children’s behaviour and helps identify when a child is not developing as they should. Firstly; this course looks at Child Development for children aged up to 8 years; including how developmental norms link to the EYFS. Then it explores equality; diversity and inclusion; explaining common terms and giving some ideas of providing a positive inclusive environment for all children. Lastly this course will cover play; which is the cornerstone for children’s learning.

  • Leading and Managing a Childminding Setting

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    This course will help learners to open and run a successful childminding business. It will help them to market their business to help ensure sustainability and to comply with legislation around self-employment. The course covers information about: Marketing (direct and indirect); Building a portfolio of information for parents; Making childminding work – considering own family; The importance of building effective relationships with parents; Managing that first meeting with parents; Settling new children into a childminding setting; Establishing routines; Income Tax and National Insurance requirements and Providing funded childcare places

  • Recording Children’s Development

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    This course has been produced as an aid to anyone who works with children; whether a childminder (working alone or employing others); or working in a larger group setting. It aims to help learners to understand why they need to record a child’s development and learning; what to record in a child’s development record; how they might achieve this; how the record can help to identify the child’s next steps in their development and how to communicate effectively with others who are relevant to the child’s learning and development.

  • Safeguarding Children

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    This course provides an introduction or refresher about Safeguarding Children including introducing relevant national safeguarding documentation. It is relevant to all who work with children or young people. It includes identifying categories and recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse. It explains responsibilities to reporting concerns and information sharing among professionals. It will help learners respond to disclosures of abuse; identifies which children may be more vulnerable and covers how to protect yourself from allegations. It also includes information about the Prevent Duty; female genital mutilation; and child sexual exploitation. Child Protection training needs renewing every 2 years

  • Understanding and Working with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    This course has been produced particularly for Registered Childminders who use the (EYFS). To fully meet the requirements of the (EYFS) it is important to be familiar with it and understand what is expected. This step by step guide explains what is needed at each step. This course is particularly useful for pre-registration and new childminders but also useful for those who would like the EYFS requirements explaining in more detail as it gives top tips and explains what Ofsted are looking for. Please note that this course is NOT sufficient on its own to cover introductory training requirements.

  • Childminder Introductory Training

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    This online introductory training course comprises of 5 modules. It covers all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) necessary for registration plus extra information that will help you build a high quality and sustainable childminding business.

    Each module has a multiple-choice knowledge test at the end which you need to pass in order to print off your certificate for that module. Once you have completed all 5 modules, you will be able to print off your Childminder Introductory Training Certificate too, which you will need to show to Ofsted or your childminder agency.

    There are no assignments or requirements for written tests to pass this course. Each module is likely to take between 2 and 3 hours to complete. We suggest that you complete the modules in the following order:

    Understanding and Working with the EYFS
    A step by step journey through the EYFS which explains how the requirements should be implemented in a childminding setting

    Recording Children’s Development
    Includes observing and assessing children and planning next steps, linking observations to the areas and aspects of learning and characteristics of effective learning; set out on the EYFS

    Safeguarding Children
    Introduces the relevant documentation you need to know about and covers how to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse and how to record and refer concerns. It also covers information about Prevent Duty, Female Genital Mutilation, Child Sexual Exploitation and has gained course approval from the Northamptonshire Local Safeguarding Children Board.

    Developing Children’s Learning
    Information to help you fully understand and support children’s learning. There are 3 main topics: Child Development, Equality diversity and inclusion and Play.

    Leading and Managing a Childminding Setting
    All you need to know about the business aspects and practical issues of running a successful childminding business including information about how best to market your business, how to comply with tax and insurance requirements and much more…

    This course can either be purchased alone or with our Annual Membership giving a further discount of £20. The membership package includes more online training and lots of childminding resources you can use in your childminding work.

  • Data Protection

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    This is the only online data protection course that has been produced specifically for registered childminders; however it is equally useful to others working within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and/or the Requirements of the Childcare Register. Unlike other courses; this one clearly outlines the links between the requirements of the EYFS; Childcare Register and the Data Protection Act and aims to help you fully understand your responsibilities regarding the data you need to keep. Most requirements are common sense and you will already have systems in place to meet at least some of them.

  • Food Hygiene

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    This online Food Hygiene course is designed and written specifically for Registered Childminders. It has been validated by Cherwell and South Northants Public Health Team. It includes all the information you would expect to find about food related illness and food safety but also includes information about food allergy and intolerance; keeping pets and basic requirements of childminding facilities. The EYFS states that childminders have to ensure that they are competent to prepare and handle food appropriately (EYFS 3.46). Completing this training and following the guidance it covers will help ensure you are competent and complying with requirements.

  • Understanding and implementing the Prevent Duty and Fundamental British values

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    Produced particularly for Registered Childminders this course is suitable for all early year’s practitioners. It helps you understand the Prevent Duty and your responsibilities regarding this in your setting. Firstly the course explains what the Prevent Duty and Fundamental British Values are. Then covers information about the Channel programme before describing what radicalisation is; signs and symptoms to look out for and what to do with concerns. It gives a background to Fundamental British Values; details about how you use them in your childminding setting and then explains how Prevent and British Values will be judged at your Ofsted inspection.

  • Nutrition 1

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    Getting it right regarding healthy eating for our young children has never been more high profile. This training will show how good nutrition is a fundamental part of caring for children; especially those who are under 5 years old. This module covers key nutritional guidelines for all food groups. It also includes the differences between nutritional needs of children and adults. It then covers all you need to know about planning balanced menus and the portion sizes you should be providing.

  • Nutrition 2

    Online Course | Childminding UK (CUK)

    Getting it right regarding healthy eating for our young children is vital. This module helps with some of the challenges you may face and covers how to cater for special diets. It explains the difference between food intolerance and food allergy and what you need to do about this regarding serving foods. It then explores food preferences and what influences children’s preferences. It gives hints and tips to cater for fussy eaters and explains when you need to seek expert help for extreme fussy eaters. Lastly this module includes information about effective weaning including baby led weaning.