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Organisation Description

It is the goal of The CityTA to develop the knowledge of all levels of traders, ranging from beginners to advanced traders on their path to financial success. The CityTA offers education across the globe to over 40 different countries.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introductory Trading Programme

    Training Course | City Training Academy Limited

    This 3 day training course will increase literacy amongst retail traders. It covers basic trading and includes information on markets; trades; strategy and psychology

  • Bank Valuation

    Training Course | City Training Academy Limited

    This training will provide participants with an understanding of the equity valuation of a bank including an overview of banks’ financial statements the current regulatory environment and a dividend discount model and multiples valuation.

  • Professional Approach to Trading and Investing

    Seminar | City Training Academy Limited

    This course is tailored to deliver first-hand experience of professional traders to put students on the right track to success and transform their mind-set into being a systematic trader. After finishing this course students will be able to look at markets from a systematic perspective; manage their risk in an efficient and sustainable way that allows them to not only gain profits but also protect their capital.

  • Forex Market Day Trading and Swing Trading

    Seminar | City Training Academy Limited

    This course will go through the important characteristics of the forex market; day trading and swing trading concepts; along with factors that move the forex market; impacts of currency correlations; establishing trading parameters before placing trades; some high probability technical trading strategies and applying these strategies practically across several months of chart data and discuss some high impact fundamental trading strategies along with practically implementing all discussed trading concepts and principles in harmony.

  • Crypto-Pro: Novice to Professional Programme

    Training Course | City Training Academy Limited

    Cryptocurrency has ushered in a new era of financial technology; innovation; and opportunities. Be a part of this transformation and find out about the mechanics behind the most popular cryptocurrencies. We will cover topics on market demand; crypto-exchanges; ICOs; and crypto-technical analysis methods. Students can also look forward to creating their own trading strategies at the end of the lesson.

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