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Clariden Global is the pre-eminent and influential global business leadership institution. Our executive programs deliver cutting-edge knowledge in each industry and are aimed to keep world business leaders at the forefront of their industries.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Reviewing Contract Key Terms and Conditions: Improving Contract Terms; Mitigating Risks and Eliminating Ambiguities

    Training Course | Clariden Global

    Clariden Global

    This comprehensive 2-day program will enable you to critically review and interpret the meaning and purpose of contractual terms; clauses and variations and how you can improve them to mitigate risk exposures; eliminate ambiguities; and avoid legal disputes and litigations.

  • Commercial Contract Drafting and Negotiation for Non-Lawyers

    Training Course | Clariden Global

    Clariden Global

    This comprehensive 2-day program will help you master contract drafting and negotiation so as to ensure that your contracts secure the intended commercial outcomes; benefits and profitability for your organization. You will learn effective techniques and frameworks to draft concise and clearly articulated contracts by understanding the contract language; the local contract law context and how to align it to your business objectives.

  • Building Information Modelling: Proven Implementation Methods; Tools and Workflow for Planning; Design; Construction and Operation

    Training Course | Clariden Global

    Clariden Global

    Designed for Architecture; Engineering and Construction industry professionals; this intensive 2-day program will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively leverage and build BIM capabilities in your organization. Led by James Brown; a leading strategic BIM expert and trusted consultant for major retailers; you will understand how BIM works; assess your organization’s BIM maturity and quantify return on investment to gain management support. You will also gain a comprehensive understanding of international BIM standards that enabled you to evaluate their pros and cons.

  • Anti-Money Laundering; Financial Crime and Counter-Terrorism Financing

    Training Course | Clariden Global

    Clariden Global

    Designed for compliance leaders in the field of AML this comprehensive 2-day program will equip you with the knowledge to design a high quality and agile compliance framework to meet the regulations requirements. You will learn the skills and knowledge of how to: engage with regulators through understanding the drivers and expectations of the latest regulations and standards developments; implement effective Customer Due Diligence (CDD) process in AML to maintain great client’s relationships; enhance the validity of the report by leveraging on risk based approaches to identify and manage key risks exposure in financial crimes; enhance the firm’s ability in combating money laundering; terrorism financing and financial crimes.

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