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Organisation Description

We are a highly experienced team of psychiatrists and psychologists, who offer a unique combination of best-in-class services. Cognacity understand the pressures that modern workforces face. We apply medical and scientific expertise to help organisations improve people wellbeing to ensure they are fit for the future. Our measurable programmes for sustainable high-performance and resilience help organisations improve performance, talent retention, work culture and their bottom line. Our results are quantifiable and demonstrate meaningful positive impact.

As leaders in our fields of expertise we work with a wide range of corporate organisations across the spectrum of business sectors. We also provide outstanding clinical mental health services to our clients and individual patients.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Performance Under Pressure

    Training Course | Cognacity


    This workshop is based on performance psychology principles; frequently used by elite sportsmen and women and will highlight the psychological factors involved in resilience and thriving in tough times. It will identify practical ways of developing the necessary skills to maintain or improve psychological resilience; well-being and performance. We equip participants with the skills and techniques to manage stress and pressure more effectively.

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