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Organisation Description

Our mission is to help local charities, community groups and volunteers to thrive. This means helping them to get started, supporting them to find the funds and volunteers crucial to making their work happen and by giving them all the tools and resources they need to be the best they can possibly be.

It’s a tough world out there –voluntary groups are relied on more than ever before but without anyone to rely on themselves, things can easily get messy…and that’s where Community Impact Bucks can really make a difference. After 35 years of doing what we do, we know this sector well & are lucky enough to be trusted as the ‘go to’ organisation for all things non-profit in Buckinghamshire.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees

    Training Course | Community Impact Bucks

    Community Impact Bucks

    Congratulations; you’re a trustee! What next? Do you understand your individual and collective role and responsibilities? Learn more about what trustees do and your vital role in making your charity successful. This course provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of trustees and where to go for more information.

  • Getting Fit for Funding

    Training Course | Community Impact Bucks

    Community Impact Bucks

    A practical and interactive half day workshop for anyone whose role it is to submit funding applications for their organisation or group. The course will take you through the preparatory steps necessary to ensure you are ready to apply to grant funders. It will help you to sell your organisation/project in your funding applications and highlight common pitfalls.

  • Attracting and Keeping Volunteers: Masterclass

    Workshop | Community Impact Bucks

    Community Impact Bucks

    Are you struggling to find the right volunteers? Do they only stay with you for a short period? This interactive; practical workshop looks at the common problems facing organisations that want to find and keep the best volunteers. Working as part of a small group you’ll look at pitfalls and solutions; and have the opportunity to share your experiences. You will leave with new ideas and top tips to rejuvenate the way you attract; support and keep your volunteers.

  • Running Effective Meetings

    Training Course | Community Impact Bucks

    Community Impact Bucks

    Do you enjoy your trustee/committee meetings – or do you grit your teeth before they start and hope that you can last the course? Do committee meetings fill you with dread – or do they leave you feeling energised and excited about your work? A well run meeting can make a huge difference to both committee members and to the society/group you support! Come along to share your experiences and to learn how to improve the quality and effectiveness of the time your committee spends together; so that you can work constructively to achieve more!

  • Chart to Business Success – in Charity Sector

    Training Course | Community Impact Bucks

    Community Impact Bucks

    “By failing to prepare; you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin. Are you planning for success? Do all your staff understand the map? Do you know what you will do if the worst happens? As a leader you will feel the weight of responsibility to see your organisation succeed. This course is designed to equip you with the necessary tools; the tips and mind set to plan for success. The course will help you identify risk; exploit opportunity and build morale in the team. With it you will be confident to face the future.

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