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Organisation Description

We believe that our role as corporate trainers is to help you to achieve your goals. We believe we can help you to achieve your goals by doing two things for you: (1) By helping you to clarify your thinking in respect to certain issues of work performance, and (2) Wherever necessary, by helping you to improve your technique. We see our role as trainers is to teach you ‘a system of good ideas’ and to demonstrate to you a set of practical skills that you will be able to put to use the very next day. We strive to make our courses highly practical, relevant and immediately applicable to your work context. We confine ourselves to ideas, methods and techniques that are of practical value.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Conflict Management

    Training Course | Corporate Coach Training

    Corporate Coach Training

    This course will teach you how to: Prevent conflicts escalating by “nipping them in the bud” early; Use logic and reason to resolve conflicts; Prevent conflicts caused by ambiguous instructions; Use your voice tones and body language correctly; Avoid unnecessary conflicts caused by the misuse of humour; Use praise and appreciation to immediately reinforce any positive changes

  • Time Management

    Training Course | Corporate Coach Training

    Corporate Coach Training

    Learn the most important time management techniques; Prioritise your work so you do the most important things first; Common time management mistakes and how to avoid them; Delegate the right task to the right person; Distinguish “busy work” from “productive work”; SMART targets as you’ve never seen them before; Identify your own time saving tips

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