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Organisation Description

Cowry Consulting is a new Behavioural Finance and Economics Consultancy, open for business in January 2016. We help companies attract, keep and grow customers at a lower unit cost. We design Compelling Choice Architecture TM that transforms Choice FRICTION points in the customer experience into Choice Fluency.

The leading behavioural economics consultancy. We adopt a scientific approach to behaviour and use the latest thinking in Behavioural Economics and Nudge theory. Quite simply, Cowry Consulting uses behavioural economics and psychology to help customers make better decisions. We are the science behind customer experience.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introduction to Behavioural Economics

    Training Course | Cowry Consulting

    Cowry Consulting

    An interactive; insightful and educational Introduction to Behavioural Economics. The course will provide an introduction to the C Factors – the most important subconscious decision-making factors customers use. Participants will learn about practical; real world examples of how nudge theory has improved the customers experience in utilities; retail and financial services. It will include a review of the ethical guidelines on the use of Behavioural Economics including practical psychological Do’s and Don’ts.

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