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Organisation Description

Creative Spark is aimed at those working with children displaying emotional behavioural difficulties. We offer experiential training in creative methods which help encourage positive communication with experiential exercises including puppet work, masks and symbolic play methods.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • PQ Certificate in LandPLay

    Training Course | Creative Spark

    LandPlay : all clients benefit from time spent in a therapeutic outdoor space where sensory experience is enriched. LandPlay training empowers the therapist to utilise indoor and outdoor space further developing skills; understanding and confidence LandPlay provides solid grounding in the theoretical perspectives which support incorporating a safe outdoor therapeutic space into your practice. Landplay connects current concepts of brain systems with Jungian and Post Jungian theories on archetypal energies and the Constellation of the Psyches. LandPlay training is effective informative and fun. Creative and experiential exercises are designed to embed understanding.

  • 2 day PQ Certificate in AWE and WONDER

    Training Course | Creative Spark

    This is a 2 day experiential training course encouraging educators to incorporate outdoor learning into their methodology. It will provide the participant with understanding of the causes underlying difficult and unacceptable behaviour and demonstrate creative communication methods to avoid confrontation. You will discover the significance of the creative instinct in learning ability and you will leave with hands on ‘tools’ to use in the classroom and at home. The ‘tools’ are suitable to be used with all children with SEN and will help to deepen self- understanding; connection to others and will encourage curiosity to learn in all children. Fostering an inquisitive mind is a key focus of the training.