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Organisation Description

CSLE offer coaching and leadership to encourage collaborative working to deliver efficiencies and drive effectiveness across the Public Sector. Our programmes aim to bring together senior and aspiring leaders from across the public and not-for-profit/voluntary sectors, with the aim of developing strong networks and enabling participants to identify opportunities for collaborative working; ensuring that services delivered are done so in an effective and efficient manner and ultimately to improve the delivery of services to the public.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Collaborating through Complexity

    Workshop | Cross Sector Leadership Exchange

    Cross Sector Leadership Exchange

    Leading into the Future – Collaborating through Complexity is a three-day programme providing participants across the public sector; voluntary agencies and others the opportunity to explore and understand the issues and interdependent problems facing vulnerable people and communities; such as mental health inequalities; poverty and crime. Participants hear from challenging speakers on the issues facing leaders; exploring how these societal challenges and wicked problems require a mind-set shift and a skill set that focuses on working across conventional boundaries encountered in organisations; professions and sectors; developing skills to effectively forge relationships with colleagues across sectors; addressing real problems with real partners and designing real solutions.