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Organisation Description

I am passionate about improving outcomes and I’m a pragmatic optimist who believes you can always achieve better outcomes, whether it be for customers, patients or clients – the very core of quality improvement. Wherever possible, I look to reduce variation and contribute to retaining a clear focus on customer centric services where everyone is clear about why they are here, what they bring and feel valued as an individual within their team. I love new challenges and innovating to find solutions, not just in theory, but through active application.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Mental Capacity Act and DOLS workshop

    Training Course | Day and Night

    Day and Night

    A doctor-led interactive workshop tailored to audience needs to ensure an understanding and safe application of the Mental Capacity Act and DOLS (Liberty Protection Safeguards). The day provides an overview and application through scenario based training which allows detailed discussion; reinforcement of the basic principles and participative learning.

Day and Night
Parkhill Studio
Walton Road
LS22 5DZ

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