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Organisation Description

Debrett’s is a professional coaching company, publisher and authority on etiquette and behaviour. Founded in 1769 with the publication of the first edition of The New Peerage.

Debrett’s Academy provides coaching in interpersonal skills to individuals and corporations. Our courses for businesses cover topics such as public speaking, networking, sales pitches, relationship management, personal presentation and dress codes. Other courses focus on confidence-building and social competence, as well as personal presentation and impact, career progression and digital networking.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • First Impressions and building rapport

    Training Course | Debrett's Ltd

    Debrett's Ltd

    The opening moments of any interaction can have a disproportionate impact on the whole relationship. In a business context if the initial interaction goes badly it can take time; energy; effort and skill to recover the situation or it may even mean an opportunity is lost. This workshop explains the art and science of human interaction and how to project confidence in any client facing situation. We draw upon our knowledge of business and social etiquette and combine this with the latest research in behavioural science. This ensures that people understand why first impressions matter and that they have the skills and confidence to project a strong; positive and lasting first impression.

  • Impact for Women

    Training Course | Debrett's Ltd

    Debrett's Ltd

    Do you ever feel you’re overlooked in favour of less capable colleagues? Do you find yourself talked over in meetings; your contributions ignored or repurposed by someone else? Our one-day group programme equips women with the tools to overcome these challenges and achieve their professional goals. Through a combination of theory; practice; role play and individual feedback; participants will develop their confidence and learn how to project it to inspire and motivate others. They will hone the communication skills necessary to anticipate and rise to challenges in an arena that often puts them at a disadvantage.

  • International Business Etiquette

    Training Course | Debrett's Ltd

    Debrett's Ltd

    Debrett’s has been the recognised authority on etiquette; influence and achievement since 1769. With an unrivalled knowledge of British business and social etiquette; Debrett’s work with professionals looking to build their business on the global stage. This workshop will cover greetings and silent signals; communication styles; a few dos and don’ts; and some useful approaches for doing business in a country or culture other than your own; teaching you skills to help you adapt your approach to match the business culture of global markets.

  • Network like a Pro

    Training Course | Debrett's Ltd

    Debrett's Ltd

    This workshop teaches the basics of networking for both business and social events; including tips for confidence; how to set objectives; and how to ensure a call to action.

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