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Organisation Description

Dek Montessori professionally organizes Montessori educational workshops for schools and parents by implementing the Montessori Method of Education into the institutes’ syllabi and aiding parents to encompass the Montessori environment in their homes.

The interactive and experiential workshops train the participants to apply theory into practice by conducting hands-on activities. Participants are stimulated to put themselves in the shoes of their child/children for a well-rounded understanding.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Montessori Education Workshop (3-6Y)

    Workshop | Dek Montessori

    Dek Montessori

    The two-day Montessori teacher training workshop will provide participants with essential tools of Montessori teaching to fully learn to control the environment; not the child. The practical hands-on workshop covers five subject areas and is taught through observation exercises; discussions; sample demonstrations; role-play and showing the child how to work with the Montessori materials in a proper way. Curriculum planning and student evaluation will be covered.

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