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Organisation Description

Derby Private Health is the private healthcare unit at the Royal Derby Hospital. It is run in partnership with Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and all profits are invested into NHS services, improving healthcare for everyone. We are able to offer our patients a ‘best of both worlds’ experience – the comfort of private care with the clinical back-up of one of the country’s newest and most advanced NHS hospitals – the Royal Derby Hospital.

Our clinical professionals provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, with short waiting times, using the latest technologies in a modern and comfortable environment. Derby Private Health is open to everyone, offering competitively priced, fixed-cost healthcare to both insured and self-funding patients.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • RUQ pain in benign biliary disease

    Seminar | Derby Private Health

    Discussing RUQ pain in benign biliary disease; both with and without gall stones; along with treatment methods available at Derby Private Health.

  • Approach to the dizzy patient – a history of the condition; along with case studies and practical tests to improve diagnosis

    Seminar | Derby Private Health

    A seminar exploring how to treat a patient suffering with dizziness problems; along with knowledge of how to help them and rule out more serious conditions; such as strokes.

  • Hand Surgery: More Than Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Seminar | Derby Private Health

    Taking a look at the symptoms and treatments other hand conditions beyond Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that are treated at Derby Private Health.

  • Ophthalmology issues: Managing red eye and vision loss & diabetic retinopathy

    Seminar | Derby Private Health

    Providing an overview of eye conditions; including red eye; loss of vision and diabetic retinopathy; and giving more information as to how to diagnose and treat them.