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Organisation Description

Digital Leaders is a shared professional online space and face-to-face programme, for leaders across all sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. In the UK we are the premier digital leadership platform with 12 regional programmes, expert opinion and networking for a growing cross-sector community of over 60,000 leaders.

We aim to build the capacity of the UK’s leadership creating effective digital leaders, raising awareness of the importance of good leadership in digital transformation, highlighting the digital challenges the UK faces and raising the profile of digital solutions that work across all sectors. Digital Leaders is collaborating with some of the best-known trainers in the Digital Transformation space to co-create meaningful and outcome-focused training for leaders in all sectors.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Digital Mindset

    Workshop | Digital Leaders Academy

    Digital Leaders Academy

    Digital Leadership is potentially the single most important success factor in any digital strategy or transformation. This hands-on; practical workshop has been designed to give marketing executives; managers; senior management a clear understanding of how to successfully embrace a digital mindset. You will come away with a focus on what you can do to drive digital change and achieve a competitive advantage.

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