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Organisation Description

Founded in 2008, Digital Skills Academy is an established, innovative leader of digital industry-linked online Higher Education & Training programmes with a proven track record of achieving graduate career goals.

Digital Skills Academy is a provider of higher education programmes and courses for professionals across the world. The Academy offers a range of programmes including online international BSc Degrees, Diplomas and Short Courses. Graduates are located in 25 countries across six continents and work for organisations such as Google, PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Deloitte, IBM and EY.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Big Data Visualisation

    Online Course | Digital Skills Academy

    As our reliance on data to make business decisions and form opinions grows; so does our need to make sense of it. With a comprehensive combination of theory and practice; this course will enable you to master the skills of Big Data Visualisation by developing an effective understanding of the theory; processes and practices of this specialist field for your own organisation or for external clients.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

    Online Course | Digital Skills Academy

    In an increasingly competitive and data-driven economy; it is critical for marketers; project managers or entrepreneurs to build effective and strategic digital marketing plans to ensure the successful launch of any product or project. With a comprehensive combination of theory and practice; this course will address the tactics; tools and techniques used in the planning phase of digital marketing strategies. This course will enable you to gain the right toolkit to help you build qualitative and ready-to-launch projects for your organisation and/or external clients.

  • Programming for Big Data I

    Online Course | Digital Skills Academy

    Irrespective of your role in the data science field; programming skills for Big Data provide you with a high level of technological literacy which will open new opportunities in your career. This course builds on the theoretical knowledge gained in the Data Science course to focus on the practical applications of working with Big Data. You will study a variety of programming languages and work in depth with the Python language to implement a Map Reduce algorithm on a work-based data set.

  • Programming for Big Data II

    Online Course | Digital Skills Academy

    This course builds on the theoretical knowledge gained in the Data Science and the Programming for Big Data Part I courses and prepares you to manage and solve Big Data problems in a hands-on business environment. You will first do an advanced examination of the Python language and analyse a work-based Big Data problem. You will need to select an appropriate methodology to solve the identified issue and implement the relevant design in the Python language.

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Innovation

    Online Course | Digital Skills Academy

    The Digital Skills Academy Professional Diploma produces rounded tech-savvy Digital Business Professionals with ‘meta-skills’ in: ‘Thinking digital’; Digital Innovation; Design-thinking and user/customer-centred design; Agile project development and ‘Agile thinking’; Digital collaboration and online team-working; Working in cross-functional teams; Use of digital tools. All participants work on cross-functional team projects. Project processes include a user-based approach; whereby project teams will: Define users and capture needs; Gather data to inform decisions; Build initial prototype design that addresses user needs; Engage users for acceptance of project

  • Skills for Global Digital Marketing & Sales

    Online Course | Digital Skills Academy

    This course equips participants with the skills and knowledge to select and use the most relevant digital technologies and media channels to reach a defined customer base. Participants will analyse global marketing opportunities and develop appropriate marketing and sales strategies for the target market sector.