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When in poor health movement is vital to our recovery and rehabilitation. Being in poor health can dramatically reduce our ability to move, leading to further health complications and slower recovery. If immobilised, either through injury or long term condition, movement is also crucial for maintaining physical independence and mental wellbeing.

Supporting mobility and independence is essential to maintaining good health and helping us recover more quickly from poor health.

No-one better understands the importance of movement and its relationship to both physical and mental health than
Direct Healthcare Group, especially when the need to move directly affects our quality of daily living.

From effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, to supporting challenging care delivery for a broad patient spectrum including those with complex, long term conditions, we support carers and those they provide care for.

Direct Healthcare Group uniquely enables the healthcare challenges associated with reduced patient movement to be anticipated, managed, and in many cases, resolved to support care providers and patients.
All leading to better health outcomes, accelerated recovery and easier daily living.

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Direct Healthcare Group Ltd
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