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Organisation Description

Transforming people through developmental process and empowering them to manage complex human behavior in a day to day living is the need of the hour. We at Dominion Phillips Educare, emphasis and focus at Learning & Development and Human Resource as an untapped Potentials.

Dominion Phillips Consultancy has designed Learning & Development Workshops that caters to Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Managers, Professionals, Executives, Parents, Couples and Students. We use scientific methodology of Meta Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Science, Human Potential Movement, and principles of Management in our Workshops. Our workshops are highly effective in personal transformation, behavioral change, Performance management, Healing and Wellness.

Since 2014 we have certified more than 250 participants, which includes psychologists, doctors, physiotherapists, Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers, Engineering and Management faculties and students.

With the wealth of more than 20 years of experience in Academics, Human Resource, Operations, Sales, Learning & Development and Psychological consulting to over 10000 engineering and management students, we offer the best of us to all our clients and individuals.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • International Coaching Certification (ICC)

    Training Course | Dominion Phillips Consultancy

    Dominion Phillips Consultancy

    Effective Conversation is the key skill of the 21st century that needs to be developed by the leaders who are working with the millennials in this new era of digital technology with virtual communication. To lead this generation in performance; there is a need of developing new skills relevant to the present times. International Coaching Certification focuses on bringing awareness and developing the required skill. These sessions conducted will be highly interactive; quite challenging and very enjoyable. Time would be invested to understand the individual context and the focus would on developing skills as a coach and the ability to have great conversations with whoever one needs to interact as a client/employee.

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