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Over the last academic year (2016/17) we delivered 53 training sessions and trained a total of 1070 people and we delivered 5 assemblies to schools to a total of 900 students and 31 staff

We currently support over 360 families and 230 organisations across health, education and social care, writing a monthly newsletter to keep them up to date with our services and other relevant issues in the world of Down syndrome and learning disability. Fifty children aged birth to 6 years attend our early development groups and sixty children and young people aged 5 + attend our monthly speech and language group sessions. We employ one full time and nine part time staff, two of whom happen to have Down syndrome and over 20 volunteers help us to deliver our services, supporting families and assisting with fundraising. We are very proud of our journey and the progress we have made over the years to improve the education, development and inclusion of children and young people who have Down syndrome.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introduction to Down Syndrome

    Training Course | Down Syndrome Training & Support Service

    Down Syndrome Training & Support Service

    This session will introduce Down syndrome to people who have little experience of working with children with Down syndrome and cover society’s view of Down syndrome; health implications;; strengths and weaknesses in the classroom and outline ways to address the specific learning needs and manage behaviours of children with Down syndrome.

  • Signing and Down syndrome

    Training Course | Down Syndrome Training & Support Service

    Down Syndrome Training & Support Service

    This course details why it is so important to use visual forms of communication with children who have Down syndrome. Speech assisted signing makes speech visual .The course includes 300 everyday signs over two; 2 hour sessions. Session 1 covers why we use signing with children with Down syndrome; the BSL alphabet and the signs for manners; animals; food; family and other people. Session 2 covers signs for the home; school day; colours; descriptions; time/days and questions. Followed by a discussion on how behaviour can be addressed through signing. Both sessions include practise of useful phrases and familiar children’s songs.

Down Syndrome Training & Support Service
2 Whitley Street
BD16 4JH

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