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Leading fire alarm management and PC graphics offering a range of products and services that enable end users to ensure that they are meeting their obligations.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Developments In Alarm Management

    Seminar | Drax (UK) Limited

    Drax (UK) Limited

    Seminar describing uses for alarm management, technologies used and benefits, particularly with respect to monitoring fire alarm systems and compliance with rr(fs)o.

  • Developments In Fire Alarm Management

    Seminar | Drax (UK) Limited

    Drax (UK) Limited

    Seminar covers the background history of centralised alarm systems and updates the latest technology available for monitoring centralised alarm systems. Includes an analysis of the benefits of new technologies and relevant case studies.

  • Using the Cloud for Life Safety

    Seminar | Drax (UK) Limited

    Drax (UK) Limited

    This presentation is designed to inform people of the new IoT type technologies that exist and can benefit estates; facilities; security or premises managers responsible for compliance and/or managing emergency incidents in large; densely populated buildings such as University Campus’; Hospitals or airports. The presentation looks at the way these new technologies can improve communications; the safety of occupants and productivity with respect to life safety equipment and systems.

Drax (UK) Limited
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