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Organisation Description

The Dry Arch Children’s Centre is a voluntary organisation which offers a range of support services to families such as childcare provision, SureStart programmes, parenting and youth support and guidance.

We have continued to expand and widen our services over the past 20 years, leading to two additional centres being developed in Limavady to support our main base in Glenshane Business Park, Dungiven. Our Children’s Centres in Dungiven and Limavady have both earned an excellent reputation for impressive quality, friendliness and dedication to the children and families we serve.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Cyberpal Workshop

    Workshop | Dry Arch Children’s Centres

    Dry Arch Children’s Centres

    The CyberPAL information; training and support programme has been developed with the following aims: Explaining what Cyberbullying is; how it works and what harm it does; Emphasising the need to treat others as we want to be treated ourselves; Staying safe on-line to prevent Cyberbullying; Recognising when someone is being a target: Dealing with Cyberbullying together; Signposting to services that can aid in helping children and parents. The programme has content for 3 audiences. Primary School aged children; Post Primary School age and also a Parents target group.

  • Cyberpal Train the Trainer Manual

    Training Course | Dry Arch Children’s Centres

    Dry Arch Children’s Centres

    This programme has already received full accreditation. This is an updated Train the Trainer manual that has got a slightly different format in that the slides are now in the manual however the content remains the same.

  • RE-Connect

    Online Course | Dry Arch Children’s Centres

    Dry Arch Children’s Centres

    We provide a 4-week creative therapeutic programme that recognises the impact of trauma upon our children during the lockdown period. The programme embraces Bruce Perry’s 6 R’s in working with children in trauma informed manner; Rhythmic Repetitive Relevant Rewarding Respectful Relational.Over the 4 weeks we focus on re-developing that feeling of safety and security within our school setting and school bubble The four week programme is largely creative and games based it within ourselves our school setting and within our peer relationships Developing self-esteem; and a felt sense of is fun and collaborative but with a carefully considered therapeutic framework.

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