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E-Careers is a global online training provider with over 100000 new enrolments each year. Built upon a network of educational bodies and experts e-Careers brings you the very best accredited courses to help you pursue your chosen profession.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Changing Energy Behaviour at Work

    Online Course | E-Careers Ltd

    E-Careers Ltd

    This course is the stepping stone in embedding energy efficiency training within organisational practices and establishing it as a national standard across all industries. It helps to promote and encourage energy awareness, energy literacy and energy savings in the workplace in support of current EU and UK government energy efficiency legislation. The course is made bespoke to your organisation with the Notification Portal allowing employers to send unlimited and free notifications to their staff on all Android and iOS mobile devices, encouraging them to become more energy aware and help align their roles with the company’s objectives in reducing energy.

  • Teaching Assistant

    Online Course | E-Careers Ltd

    E-Careers Ltd

    This course is designed for those who are or wish to become a Teaching Assistant. It covers all the key areas in which a Teaching Assistant will be required to help support the school; teacher; pupil and curriculum in Primary and/or Secondary schools. Fees payable.


    Online Course | E-Careers Ltd

    E-Careers Ltd

    An interactive online programme that allows participants to study the essentials of business, helping to increase the skills they need to be successful in business and life. Participants will also learn what makes a good business work using a simple methodology which they can apply to analyse their own clients or their own business idea.

    This training programme provides learners with both the skills and experience using a unique concept of simulation based learning, giving real life examples from Dragons Den and role plays to build practical skills through an Experiential Learning Environment. The material is underpinned by a research programme at the University of Hertfordshire as well as teaching at University of Cambridge and is based on core competency models within top global corporates.

    The unique methodology of the programme picks out the essentials of competitive and commercial strategy, links them with financial, organisational and people assessments and applies them to “go/no go decisions”, using virtual money.

  • Sage 2014

    Online Course | E-Careers Ltd

    E-Careers Ltd

    This course is designed to get students up and running quickly when using Sage 50 2014. The course will be looking at different types of Sage Accounts packages in the Sage 50 range and differentiating between them all.

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