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Launched in 2002, eBSI Export Academy, is a leading Online Trade Training Academy based in Ireland and with thousands of graduates in over 70 countries around the world. eBSI Export Academy specialises in the delivery of Certified International Trade and Trade Finance Certification Programs leading to certification from the Institute of Export UK

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • ITS-01-EMO-001 – Introduction to Exporting

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    In this unit you will learn about export transactions. The difficulties with them and how to overcome these difficulties. This will be achieved by: Examining the fundamental questions related to the export process; Analysing the challenges to be overcome in an export transaction; And detailing the steps necessary to start with the export process.

  • ITS-01-EMO-002 – Introduction to International Marketing

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    Having studied the basic concepts of exporting; we are going to introduce you to the facinating topic of International Marketing. We will study the ’4 P’s’ concept and the international marketing plan. The correct configuration of the marketing mix will be fundamental to successfully entering the target markets that we identify.

  • ITS-01-EMO-003 – Intercultural Management

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    Intercultural Management is one of the most important and difficult aspects of international marketing. The exporter negotiates with individuals from countries with very different cultures and habits. If the exporter does not adopt an open and respectful attitude towards these cultures; they will hardly achieve success in business. Exporters should attempt to learn the idiosynchracies of each market. In this unit; we will learn about adapting our marketing approach to different markets. This will be achieved by : Examining how diversity of culture can influence the outcome of an international marketing plan; Outlining key strategies to dealing with new cultures; Detailing major theories on the subject; Highlighting important errors to be avoided when dealing with different cultures.

  • ITS-01-EMO-004 – Segmentation

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    Without doubt it would be ideal for a company to offer a personalised product to each of its clients. As this is virtually impossible; we need to look for ways to offer products that are personalised for different groups or segments of the market. Todays markets are more volatile than before and possibly the traditional mass media advertising focus is no longer appropriate. One option is to target different niches of market where we have the resources to satisfy that niches needs and wants. This is possible with Market Segmentation. That is; dividing the market into groups of potential clients with similar needs and profiles which possess similar buying habits.In this unit; you will learn about market segmentation and its importance to international marketing. This will be achieved by : Analysing the need for segmentation; Examining the most common segmentation criteria; Outlining statustical studies on segmentation; Detailing some strategies that can be applied to new export markets.

  • ITS-01-EMO-005 – Country Image

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    The influence of country image on export transactions is a very significant piece of information which should be taken into account by the exporter. The image of a country in a foreign market depends on many factors; among them being foreign policy; and of course; trade promotional policy; carried out by governments in order to improve this image. The exporter should find out how his own country image is portrayed in the target market. If this image is positive; the most logical thing would be to use this image in the exporters favour in marketing plans. If the image is negative; then we need to use the marketing mix to draw the importer or consumer’s attention towards other variables of marketing. In this unit you will learn about the influence of a country’s image on its perception in export markets. This will be achieved by: Examining what is a country’s international image; Analysing how we can use our country image to promote export sales; Detailing the factors which influence a country’s image abroad.

  • ITS-01-EMO-006 – International Pricing Policy

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    One of the most complicated aspects of foreign trade is pricing policy. An incorrect pricing policy can lead to total failure in international markets. First of all we should find out about prices in various international markets; this information will allow us to have some real criteria for setting our export prices. However; we will meet the familiar dilemma of global or local prices.From another point of view the price is attached to the selected Incoterms; in the more competitive markets it is habitual to deliver product to client’s premises; thereby offering DDP prices. In some countries this is impossible; and it will cause us problems. One of the solutions can be if we have FOB Global prices and then we will be able to adapt them to each market according to the costs of this market.In this unit you will learn the importance of an appropriate pricing strategy when entering new export markets.This will be achieved by : Examining the pricing options available to the exporter; Outlining the criteria to be used when establishing a pricing strategy; Analysing the goals of a pricing policy; Detailing how to arrive at an export price. – Introducing the criteria defined in pricing under Incoterms 2010.

  • ITS-01-EMO-007 – International Product Policy

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    The first thing that an exporting company should ask itself is whether the product is exportable. A product which is successful in the home market; will not always be as successful in other markets. Remember; although globalisation is a reality; each market is different in its own way. Therefore; only through market research will we find out if our product is viable or not. Furthermore; we should look at what types of modifications we should carry out on the products in preparation for different markets.Finally we should remember the lifelong question: is it a global product or will we have to localise it for each market? In this unit you will learn the importance of adapting your product to local requirements when entering new export markets. This will be achieved by: Examining the product adaptation options available to the exporter; Outlining the concept of brand and positioning in foreign markets; Analysing the product characteristics that typically need to be modified for different markets.

  • ITS-01-EMO-008 – International Distribution Policy

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    In general; it would be ideal for an exporter to sell direct to his final client with no need for intermediaries. However; the truth is that this is not always possible; due to costs involved; or market idiosyncracies. In these cases; the company should seek an intermediary. In this unit; you will learn about the importance of planning an appropriate distribution strategy when entering new export markets. This will be achieved by: Examining the distribution options open to the exporter; Outlining the criteria to be used when chosing a distribution option; Introducing strategies which can be implemented for consumer and/or industrial products.

  • ITS-01-EMO-009 – International Promotion Policy

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    By the term promotion; we understand all those activities developed by the marketing department to disseminate the product in the market with the objective of increasing sales; understanding and image. Promotion policy in foreign trade works within the structure of the marketing mix. Promotion policy applies to each of the countries to which the company wishes to export. Promotion should generate a positive attitude to the product while taking into account every country’s own idiosyncracies In this unit you will: learn about the factors affecting promotion decisions; understand the workings of advertising and publicity; understand the purpose of brochures and catalogues; gain the insights needed to create your own international promotion campaigns.

  • ITS-01-EMO-010 – International Market Research

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    A text book definition of Marketing Research would be ‘the systematic collection; analyis; and interpretation of information used to develop a marketing strategy or solve a marketing problem’. In this unit you will understand how marketing research is conducted and its purpose in a company’s export activity. This will be done by: looking at the market prioritisation process; examining research methods; understanding what is meant by quantitative and qualitative research; reviewing the structure of a marketing research report.

  • ITS-02-TCP-001 – Introduction to International Trade

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    In recent years the world economy has been undergoing profound changes. Domestic trade has become global trade; where the entire world is a global market. In this unit you will learn about the nature and background of International Trade. This will be achieved by: Learning about liberalisation and the origins of the WTO; Learning about globalisation and the positive and negative effects of globalisation; Exploring the various World Economic Agreements and their relevance to the different regions throughout the world; Reviewing the various World Organisations and their influence on International Trade; Exploring the history of International Trade.

  • ITS-02-TCP-002 – Export Packaging

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    Once an export order has been accepted and sales and delivery conditions established; it will be the exporter’s responsibility to ensure that the goods are packaged in a way which will ensure that they will reach the importer in optimum condition. In this unit you will: Learn the importance of adequate packaging in export transactions. This will be achieved by: Outlining the types of export packaging available to the exporter; Analysing the criteria to be used in the selection of export packaging; Outlining various packing options including pallets; containers and distribution of pallets in containers; Examining the different materials that can be used for packaging.

  • ITS-02-TCP-003 – International Transport & Logistics

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    Transport is one of the main component factors taken into account when determining the final price of a product. Due to globalisation; transport gains even greater relevance. New production techniques; logistics and distribution nowadays makes no sense if they are not supported by an appropriate communications infrastructure. In this unit you will learn about Transport and Logistics in the distribution process. This will be achieved by: Analysing the factors to consider when selecting a mode of transport; Learning about the logistics process and the different concepts involved in Logistics; Examining the different logistical infrastructures.; Analysing the factors to be considered when selecting a logistics company; Examining the various transport and insurance documents that are required when importing and exporting.

  • ITS-02-TCP-004 – Marine Transport

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    In this unit you will learn and understand the functioning of Marine Transport. This will be achieved by: Learning about the parties involved in the marine shipment process; Learning about the various types of transport involved in marine shipment ; Analysing the various forms of documentation required for marine shipment; Examining the various costs associated with Marine transport.

  • ITS-02-TCP-005 – International Modes of Transport

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    A key operational task once an export order is received is to arrange the most appropriate transport option to the transaction at hand. Marine transport is covered in its own learning unit. In this unit you learn about other modes of transport available to the exporter. This will be done by: Analyzing the non marine modes of transport and their characteristics; Learning about Multimodal transport and its own operational issues; Exploring mode specific issues relating to transport insurance for each mode covered; Learning about the transport documents required for each mode of transport covered.

  • ITS-02-TCP-006 – Export Documentation

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    In this unit we will study the documents necessary for international trade transactions.We will examine in detail the following core documents: invoice; packing list; certificate of origin; transport and insurance documents. The objectives of this unit are: to learn about international trade documents; to know how to properly fill them in; to examine checklists for the documents.Documents play an essential role in documentary methods of payment such as letters of credit.

  • ITS-02-TCP-007 – Customs Procedures

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    In this learning unit we will study what the customs are and their functions. We will also analyse various customs procedures and how to pay customs duties. The role of the customs agent; classification of goods and many other customs-related issues will be discussed. In this unit you will: Learn about the various Customs procedures in International Trade. This will be achieved by: Outlining what customs are; the customs procedure and the functions of customs. Learning about customs valuation and the classification of goods with particular attention to the harmonized system.Learning the role and functions of the customs agent.

  • ITS-02-TCP-008 – Importing into the EU

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    The European Union is one of the largest markets in the world. Given its importance and to reflect in a more practical manner the implementation of customs procedures; we will look at the process of importing goods into the EU. In this unit you will: Analyse the process of importing goods into the European Union. Learn about free circulation – the most common customs procedure. Examine how to dispatch goods for free circulation and for consumption. Learn about VAT on imported goods. Study the main customs procedures.

  • ITS-02-TCP-009 – International Contracts

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    A contract is a single document; in which the rights and obligations of the exporter and the importer are stipulated. In this unit you will learn about International Contracts. This will be achieved by: Examining standard and other types of International Contracts. Analysing the various clauses which exist in International contracts. Learning about the process of Arbitration in relation to International Contracts. Studying various examples of International Contracts.

  • ITS-02-TCP-010 – Incoterms 2010

    Online Course | eBSI Export Academy

    Welcome to this learning unit covering Incoterms 2010. The aim of this section is to outline the key features of Incoterms 2010 from a practical and engaging perspective. In this learning unit you will: Review the obligations of the buyer and seller in the international contract of sale. Understand and apply the Incoterms 2010 rules in international trade transactions. Gain insights into proper implementation of the Incoterms 2010 rules.


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