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Organisation Description

Zenub Khan Professional Development & Education Services (ZEN PD) are a UAE based company our team of internationally well recognized education experts, deliver a variety of CPD courses for teachers, leaders, and other school staff.
Our bespoke training courses are tailored to suit the requirements and needs of our Partner schools.
Our CPD is designed to shape 21st-century educational leaders and upskill teachers.
Our core training programmes include EYFS ,Data Analysis, Well-being,School Improvement/Inspection and (UK accredited) Safe Guarding Level 1 ,2 & 3 .
Our CPD is not only for teachers and leaders, we also have a variety of CPD courses for other school staff including, teaching assistants, cluster managers and school admins.
We have recently added Corporate and individual courses to our training library due to a demand for quality classroom based training.
We offer over 60 different courses for teachers, over 60 courses for leaders, and many other courses for other school staff
We work closely with the CPD accreditation service, BSME and UK based National Leaders in Education to ensure our professional development programmes are meeting their standards and in line with current UK practice.
Our extensive experience of working in schools and the corporate sector both in the United Kingdom and the Middle East have made us aware of the actual needs and the challenges of our partners, we understand what it takes to run a school/business efficiently and how to improve the overall performance of the staff .

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Advanced Safeguarding Level 2

    Training Course | Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    Child abuse / protection can be easily missed by teachers if they are not trained to be aware of the signs. We offer realistic solutions that have proven to work for helping schools recognize signs of abuse and methods to protect children in their care. We engage with key methodologies to prevent ‘at risk’ children being harmed or simply reinforce the importance of this key area. This isn’t a course that sells a single way of dealing with safeguarding cases; we provide a variety of solutions on how to safeguard children; teachers can reflect upon which technique works for them.

  • Designated Safeguarding Officer Training (Level 3 Safeguarding)

    Training Course | Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    The designated Safeguarding officer is the first point of contact for staff members, families and other people who have access to the organisation, it is essential that the DSL has knowledge of child protection procedures that is in-depth and up-to-date.This classroom-based Designated Safeguarding Officer course will teach you more about what the role involves and will help you to understand the safeguarding process in more detail. The course uses a variety of interactive exercises and discussions to help you review and develop the child protection procedures within your organisation and ensure that all staff members understand their responsibilities towards safeguarding children.

  • Introduction to Safeguarding Children Training Course (Level 1 Safeguarding)

    Training Course | Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    This Introduction to Safeguarding Children course is a positive first step towards increasing and improving your knowledge and will provide you with a thorough overview of how to recognise the warning signs of abuse; what to do with any concerns that you may have and how to feel confident in protecting children from harm.

  • Positive handling-Behaviour Management

    Workshop | Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    Education 1st Recruitment & Consultancy

    A CPD training session on how to safely handle children written in a Dubai context. The training is delivered by a Team Teach trained school leader with an extensive school background. By the end of the session staff will be informed on how to safely handle children in order to provide a safe and happy environment for all.

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