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You have a problem you are not quite sure how to solve. Solving this problem will transform your performance, your team’s or an aspect of your business. You will go from frustrated, nervous, and unsure of the steps forward to relieved, excited and confident of your path ahead.

Get easy access to top experts who have been in your shoes and have achieved personal and business success in top companies. Gain confidence and deliver the same results yourself, through using tried and tested approaches.

Develop skills that will be with you for the rest of your life and add another layer to the foundation of your expertise and your business’s success.

Build the skills of your team in a consistent way, while keeping your time free, training budget down and enabling work to continue uninterrupted.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • How to ACE an Interview

    Online Course | Emerson Nash Enhance Limited

    Emerson Nash Enhance Limited

    A hands on practical online course for all stages of the job hunting process. Improve preparation and skills to get to and ace interviews and get job offers. For professionals to directors.

  • Product Pricing for Profit

    Online Course | Emerson Nash Enhance Limited

    Emerson Nash Enhance Limited

    Specifically created for those who sell products to people; this course will turn the dread of pricing discussions into pricing with confidence to get the listings you want; and your product deserves. It will give you a systematic; thorough approach to explore the four distribution channels; to grasp margin terminology and calculations and practical knowledge for pricing to benefit both you and your clients. Not simply theory. By the end of the course; you will have a personalised detailed pricing structure that helps to ensure profitability and offer increased listing opportunities.

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