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Organisation Description

Established in 1990, the CTH Group is made up of six companies, each trading independently in timber and wood products. Each group member provides unique products, extensive knowledge and expertise to a specific range of industries. Engineered Wood Solutions supports independent third-party audited Chain of Custody certification of forestry & forest products and recognises this as the best way of demonstrating good environmental management.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Innovative Engineered Timber Beam Technology

    Seminar | Engineered Wood Solutions

    Engineered Wood Solutions

    An introduction to a large spanning engineered timber element and roof solution for structures that call for large open spans with a need for unobstructed floor area and the potential for significant external cantilevers. The seminar highlights Kielsteg as a unique product using timber I beam engineering principles whilst presenting an alternative to other timber; steel and concrete roof and beam options.

  • CLT – The Next Mainstream Building Medium

    Seminar | Engineered Wood Solutions

    Engineered Wood Solutions

    This CPD outlines why CLT will become the next mainstream building medium and justifies the drivers behind this development. With a brief overview of what the product is and its performance dynamic as a system and as a building element it then focuses the specifiers attention on the critical design considerations that should be taken into account when assessing the suitability of CLT for a given project and how to optimise design. In closing it looks at the project stakeholder benefits and quantifies exactly what the benefits are in terms of build efficiency; building performance and societal impact.

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