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Envigo provides essential products and research services for pharmaceutical, crop protection, and chemical companies as well as universities, governments, and other research organizations.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Understanding key components of an EOGRTS

    Webinar | Envigo

    In this course participants will learn about the motivations for the new one-generation study design; key benefits of the recently adopted system; challenges and considerations that need to be factored into their project planning.

  • Practical steps for making a registration for 2018 REACH deadline

    Online Course | Envigo

    This presentation was designed to give learners practical guidance on the key steps required for the final REACH deadline from supply chain considerations through to authorisation procedures. Participants will discover practical steps for making a registration: learn how best to structure a technical dossier and understand the considerations for substance identity.

  • Are you satisfied with your progress with REACH?

    Online Course | Envigo

    The ‘Preparing for REACH 2018’ webinar aims to help participants understand the potential pitfalls; highlight the common mistakes and offer guidance on how to get to the goal line on time. This webinar will discover REACH 2018 in context; key steps for a successful 2018 registration; data requirements and what you need to know; alternatives to testing; past REACH challenges and lessons learnt from 2010 and 2013; how to approach the daunting submission process.

  • Core dossiers: discover the benefits for REACH

    Online Course | Envigo

    This webinar will discover where legislation exists and what actions you need to take and why; what a core dossier strategy is and how it can help; key considerations and steps towards successful submissions.

  • Genetic toxicology: is it still relevant or even more critical?

    Webinar | Envigo

    This on-demand webinar; focusing on the science of genetic toxicology; presented by Brian Burlinson; principal Scientist and genetic toxicology expert; covers the background of genotoxicity; the old and the new ‘upcoming’ assays and how the interpretation of genotoxicity is changing. You will review the critical aspects of genotoxicity and learn how critical the interpretation of genotoxicity data truly is. Furthermore you will discuss the use and control of historical data; QSAR and screening. Finally you will discover how recent data is calling into question that any dose of a genotoxin is deleterious.

  • Immunology: Worth all the hype? You bet it is.

    Webinar | Envigo

    This webinar shows a range of immunology-based methods that can be used either for immune-stimulatory or immune-suppressive products. You will discover why immune evaluations are an important part of safety toxicity evaluation and learn why the assessment of immune function is so important for products specifically targeting the immune system. You will also understand how to choose the right assay so that you can assess how the immune system is working and discuss how the biology of your product determines appropriate assay selection.

  • Respiratory disease animal models: Overcoming challenges to support successful lead compound nomination

    Webinar | Envigo

    This webinar shares the methodology; biomarkers and functional end points behind Envigo’s capabilities ranging from the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced PK/PD model to the more challenging bleomycin induced lung fibrosis model. You will learn how to make the transition between intratracheal and inhaled dose administration and discover the range of invasive and non-invasive lung function added value end points. This webinar will give you the chance to explore respiratory disease models developed at Envigo as well as seeing the behaviour of clinically relevant positive controls.

  • Are your study datasets SEND compliant?

    Webinar | Envigo

    This webinar covers the origins of SEND and discusses the challenges of a SEND implementation. You will review SEND format origin and FDA adoption. Then you will learn about the benefits that SEND brings to the industry and discuss the key SEND challenges facing drug developers as well as discovering what is on the horizon for SEND.

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