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Organisation Description

An influential environmental consulting firm based in Bristol, UK and with offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Brussels. A significant part of our work focuses on waste and resources management issues including recycling, packaging waste and waste prevention.

We also advise on resource efficiency and product design. We have established expertise in low carbon energy, climate change, carbon footprinting, renewable energy, impact assessment, cost benefit analysis, due diligence, and various other services. We have a wide portfolio of clients including national, local and European governments, NGOs and private sector firms.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Masterclass 1: Introduction to Circular Economy principles – making the business case

    Workshop | Eunomia Research and Consulting

    Eunomia Research and Consulting

    Zero Waste Scotland are presenting a series of five Masterclasses for Manufacturing SMEs in Scotland (from February to April 2018) to help develop capacity in Circular Economy business models. The aim is nurture growth in the Scottish manufacturing sector and to make it more sustainable in all senses of the word. For further information and to register see Zero Waste.

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