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Organisation Description

EuroFinance is the leading global provider of international treasury cash management and risk practical training. We offer courses across the globe in multiple languages and levels and in all format – classroom online and customised.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Advanced International Cash and Treasury Management

    Training Course | EuroFinance

    Designed to provide senior finance professionals with the tools they need to perform at the highest level of corporate cash and treasury management. Course available in English and Spanish and soon in French (under development)

  • International Cash and Treasury Management

    Training Course | EuroFinance

    This course is for experienced professionals who have a good understanding of treasury concepts but require more sophisticated knowledge of structures and strategies. Course is available in English; Portuguese; French; Spanish; Russian

  • Introductory International Cash and Treasury Management

    Training Course | EuroFinance

    This is the only course of its kind on international corporate treasury and will serve as a comprehensive guide to the essential elements of cash management. Over 3 days our tutors will use a mix of teaching methods including lectures; real life case studies and group exercises to provide participants with practical skills and knowledge that can immediately be applied upon their return to the office. This course is also the ideal precursor for our intermediate level programs.

  • Summer School

    Training Course | EuroFinance

    Summer School is EuroFinances most comprehensive training course to date; and covers everything you need to know about international treasury and cash management in a 10-day programme. It follows a modular format (3 modules) Module 1 : International Cash Management. Module 2: Building a risk-orientated approach to treasury. Module 3: Advanced Cash Flow

  • Winter School

    Training Course | EuroFinance

    Participants will learn about the key components of effective treasury management and how treasury is changing as a result of the economic upheaval. They will also have the opportunity to meet fellow professionals from around the world and build relationships that will support them in your ongoing treasury career