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Over 70 stunning 3D animations help bring key concepts to life

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  • The core principles of Ophthalmology

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    Eyerudio Ltd

    The core principles of Ophthalmology. This innovative animated website is designed to allow healthcare professionals to rapidly gain; revise or update their knowledge of core Ophthalmology. Succinctly written and illustrated by Consultant Ophthalmologists; each topic has been distilled into the essential information required. The first section “Core Principles”; featuring high quality 3D animations; covers the fundamentals of Ophthalmology. The second section “Ophthalmology in Practice” reviews the clinical diagnosis and management of common eye disorders. Single best answer test questions at the end of each chapter are designed to highlight key learning points. The content has been extensively peer reviewed and has the endorsement of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists; London.

Eyerudio Ltd
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