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Organisation Description

My mission is to empower, educate, and inspire you to build a fabulous body that not only looks pleasing but is functional and healthy. For many years, I suffered at the hands of conventional wisdom, and I almost gave up my dream of building my ideal physique. Now I work very hard to filter out the DUST (pseudo and bro science) and provide you with clear, specific, and credible information which will help you build lean muscles, drop body fat, and optimize your health in the most cost effective, timely, and natural way possible.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Diploma in Fitness

    Training Course | Fabulous Body

    Diploma in Fitness will help motivate anyone to move and exercise more. This course will introduce you to The FBX [Fabulous Body Training System] Model. FBX is a multifaceted training system that will not only help you get fit; look good; but it will also help you master your own exercise program.

  • Diploma in Nutrition

    Training Course | Fabulous Body

    We are facing an obesity epidemic where almost 2 billion people worldwide are overweight and 650 million are obese. This is hugely contributing to a significant increase in chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes and heart related conditions. These chronic ailments are largely preventable by following a healthy diet combined with an active lifestyle. This free diploma in nutrition will be of great interest to all learners and healthcare professional who would like to learn the fundamentals of nutrition science. It provides an in-depth look into macronutrients and micronutrients and understands how they are essential for our bodies to grow and remain healthy.