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Organisation Description

A phenomenal training company specialising in all aspects of Communication with courses that make a real difference to your performance at work and beyond. Communicate to win and enhance how effective and successful you can be.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Invisible PowerPoint Workshop ? Powerful; Impactful Communication with or without PowerPoint

    Workshop | Feet on the Ground Training Ltd

    A presentation skills course. We explore all of the communication skills required to bring your presentation to life and enable you to shine with any audience and be the agent of change that will move your business forward.

  • Enhanced Communication – Increased Impact & Greater Change

    Training Course | Feet on the Ground Training Ltd

    This course is designed for professional trainers who interact with audiences and individual trainees; and aims to improve the chances of getting through every time we interact with our delegates. Being heard is no longer sufficient when seeking to modify mind sets and transform behaviour and alter the consequences of individual action. The course will cover: Increased Communication; Stagecraft – Working the Room to Enhance Impact; Body Language – Delivery and Observation; Story Telling – Informing and Inspiring; Authority and Presence; Authenticity – Connecting on a Human Level; Transformational Impact and Persuasion; and Implementation and Creating Lasting Change.