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Organisation Description

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA, Fike has grown to become a globally recognized supplier doing business with Fortune 500 companies. Our highly skilled workforces design and build precision-engineered solutions and provides a personalized customer service experience for businesses around the world that want peace of mind from experiencing consequences of serious financial loss or a devastating disaster. Fike is the experienced, trusted expert in rupture disc technologies, explosion protection, fire alarm systems and fire suppression solutions.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Video Image Fire and Smoke Detection

    Seminar | Fike Safety Technology

    Fike Safety Technology

    Many of today’s modern large structures may not have adequate fire protection. Atriums; open areas and high ceilings make the use of traditional detection methods impractical; ineffective and difficult to maintain. High airflow and stratification can prevent smoke from reaching point detectors; adding to the ineffectiveness of traditional detection. Fike analytics is a state-of-the-art; camera-based flame & smoke recognition system. It visually detects the presence of flame / smoke at its source and represents a critical advantage for early warning fire detection; identifying and reacting to fire situations in their earliest stages protecting lives and property.

  • Introduction to Fire Suppression

    Seminar | Fike Safety Technology

    Fike Safety Technology

    This Introduction to Fire Suppression CPD looks into the history of fire suppression and an understanding of how fires develop including the classification of fire types. It highlights the various types of extinguishing methods and the different inert and clean agent gases available on the market plus the different hazard types / applications and principles of operation including the benefits of constant or regulatory flow valve systems. We also cover the safe handling / transportation of cylinders; pressure relief venting; integrity testing requirements and F-Gas regulations; with an outline on the basic information required to survey and design a system.

  • Introduction to Fire Alarms

    Seminar | Fike Safety Technology

    Fike Safety Technology

    The Introduction to Fire Alarms CPD presentation is suitable for anyone wishing to have a greater understanding of Fire Detection and covers a range of Detection methods. It also gives overview of BS5839 Pt1; Pt6 and of the requirements of the ‘responsible person’. It will enable the attendee to have an understanding of the different types of Detection currently available in the market place and help them make an informed choice when selecting and specifying the appropriate system(s) for their requirements.

  • Introduction to Water Mist

    Seminar | Fike Safety Technology

    Fike Safety Technology

    The Introduction to Water mist CPD is aimed at providing an overview on the principles of water mist which can be further developed for specific applications. The course reviews the background and development of water mist and provides an understanding of the principles and process of how water mist efficiently fights fires. The presentation identifies the most common types of system available in today’s market and identifies suitable applications for each specific technology. An emphasis is drawn to applicable UK design and installation standards along with associated system approvals through risk specific type testing.

  • Twinflex Pro 2 Technical Training

    Training Course | Fike Safety Technology

    Fike Safety Technology

    TwinflexPro? system presentation providing an overview of the control panel; connections and menu structure. Field devices; fault finding and other associated equipment are also covered.

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