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Firefly can be used to power your school VLE intranet learning platform and more. We work closely with all of our schools to hand pick exactly the features you need without including the ones you don't.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Firefly Learning Conference Asia

    Event | Firefly Learning LLP

    The conference theme is 'Transforming learning through technology' and will bring together a range of speakers from the education sector to discuss how learning technology can be used to support learning; teaching and assessment; with a focus on Asian international schools.

  • Using the Parent Portal

    Workshop | Firefly Learning LLP

    The Firefly Parent Portal allows schools to share information with their parents quickly and easily on a wide variety of topics; this workshop looks at how to use this feature effectively so as to ensure that Parents are able to be part of the learning conversation. Fees Payable.

  • Establishing Firefly in your School

    Workshop | Firefly Learning LLP

    This workshop is designed to help schools that have completed the initial setup and roll out of Firefly; and are ready to look at the next steps they would like to take. Fees payable.

  • Using Firefly in a Junior School

    Workshop | Firefly Learning LLP

    This workshop looks at the application of Firefly to support teaching and learning in a Junior School setting. From managing home learning and engaging parents to project-based learning and working with Early Years this workshop will help you develop strategies for using Firefly effectively in the classroom.

  • Administrating Firefly

    Workshop | Firefly Learning LLP

    This workshop looks at the practical management of Firefly by focusing on learning outcomes and real-world usage. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to manage groups in a way that ensures effective workflows and reporting as well as design a structure that is tailored for your school environment and much more.

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