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Organisation Description

Launched in 2011, FL ProDev Ltd is a specialist professional development organisation based in Cambridgeshire and working with clients throughout East Anglia, the East Midlands and London.

Fl ProDev Ltd is proud to be a licensee for Leadership Management International in the UK. Our access to some of the world’s best professional development material has enabled us to make substantial differences to the performance of our clients, both individuals and organisations through a unique, structured approach to performance coaching. As an authorised distributor, our relationship with Prevue HR allows us to provide class-leading psychometric assessment services to our clients.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Effective Presentation Skills

    Workshop | FL ProDev

    FL ProDev

    A good presentation or public speech can change the world – Martin Luther King Jr.; Churchill; John F Kennedy; Steve Jobs – all powerful and persuasive speakers who changed the world. Ask yourself – how do I want to change the world? The ability to present confidently and persuasively is an essential skill and a key indicator of professional competence. Our Effective Presentation Skills workshop will help you develop skills that will enable you to change the world to benefit you and those who listen to you. A highly interactive hands-on workshop that’s lots of fun and excellent value for money.

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