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With some of the most experienced scientists in Europe, our clients can be safe in the knowledge that they are benefiting from an unrivaled source of expertise and the most robust scientific reporting

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Forensic Evidence in Cases of Terrorism and Serious Crime

    Seminar | Forensic Equity Ltd

    Forensic Equity Ltd

    With the rise of so-called police ‘experts’ offering evidence to the Court it is more important than ever that solicitors representing understand forensic evidence and importantly; when and how it can be challenged. Led by Senior Forensic Scientists from across our Firearms; Ballistics and Digital departments; this seminar will look at the possible forensic evidence in cases of terrorism and serious crime with a focus on CCTV imagery; Computer Forensics and Explosives (Explosive devices and Blast Analysis).

  • Forensic Awareness Evening - Firearms & Pathology course

    Seminar | Forensic Equity Ltd

    Forensic Equity Ltd

    In this unique joint presentation delivered by a forensic scientist and a forensic pathologist; we’ll be discussing the role of the two experts; what they actually do. Firearms law; weapons types; the crime scene; the post mortem examination; reconstructions; wounding; wound interpretation and case examples will all be discussed. As well as discussing limitations of the experts.

  • Stepping into Footwear Evidence

    Training Video | Forensic Equity Ltd

    Forensic Equity Ltd

    A comprehensive video to expand learning on Footwear evidence. This educational video looks to explore the basics of Footwear evidence; to look at the key characteristics and how these can be applied to criminal cases.

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