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As a country, we are now facing a limited availability of natural minerals. Fortis understands the consequences of primary resource shortage. We are working to
protect the world’s resources by investing in technology and the development of new areas for IBA Aggregate, a secondary product for use in the construction industry. Fortis IBA Ltd are leading producers of IBA Aggregate which is compliant with a variety of specifications and a cost effective and sustainable alternative to traditional construction materials. The 100% recycled aggregate is produced at our advanced processing facilities and distributed for use in construction across the UK. It has been approved as a sustainable alternative to Type1/6F4/6F5 by the Environment Agency, Highways England and local authorities such as Hampshire County Council and has been widely used within the construction industry for over 20 years. IBA Aggregate can be used in two major applications. Unbound, it can be used for bulk fill and sub-bases. When bound, it is ideal for road paving and construction blocks.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Fortis IBA- The Future of IBA Aggregate

    Seminar | Fortis IBA Ltd

    Fortis IBA Ltd

    The Fortis CPD Events are designed to provide delegates with an insight into how IBA Aggregate is produced and advice on how; where and why this fast-growing secondary construction resource is being used. At a time where we are now facing a limited availability of natural minerals and the increasing requirement for a sustainable environment; the use of secondary aggregates has become more important than ever. Join us to learn about the future of IBA Aggregate and the benefits of using it versus primary aggregates. Breakfast will be provided; as well as a site tour so please bring appropriate PPE.

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