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Our team is dedicated to supporting children alongside the amazing individuals and families who open up their lives to care for them.

What makes us unique to any other fostering agency is that our dedicated team of professionals are highly trained, valued and committed to improving outcomes, resulting in better life chances for children who are often bewildered, frightened and feel lost. On meeting a member of our team, you remain with them from the start of your initial enquiry, to placing a child. They then support you during any challenging times.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

    Training Course | Fusion Fostering

    Fusion Fostering

    This course covers the full range of child sexual exploitation; and how it might affect vulnerable foster children in our care. It covers definitions; responsibility; range and understanding. There are videos to help understanding different common models; and after each one there discussion points. It looks at who might be vulnerable to CSE; and what might be the signs to look for in children.It goes on to discuss the affects on families; and there follows a discussion as to what carers might do to try and ensure that it does not happen. Finally there is a section on County Lining; a current prevalent danger. It closes with a quiz; and an opportunity to give feedback on the course.

Fusion Fostering
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