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Organisation Description

Gaia Education is an international organisation active in 49 countries on six continents, with a 13-year track record in education for sustainable development and with more than 17,000 graduates around the world and 111 partner organisations.

Gaia Education’s programmes equip students of all ages and cultural backgrounds with the appropriate knowledge, skills and critical thinking tools necessary to design a society which uses energy and resources with greater efficiency, distributes wealth equitably, and makes quality of life the focus of future thinking. Our learners become change agents capable of playing active roles in transitioning their existing communities, neighbourhoods, cities and regions to sustainable and regenerative practices, lifestyles and infrastructures.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Design for Sustainability: Economic

    Online Course | Gaia Education

    Gaia Education

    We live in a rapidly changing world that is transforming before our very eyes. A multitude of deep and pressing concerns such as global inequality; climate change; biodiversity loss; unrestrained urbanisation and destructive forms of economic growth are calling for our immediate attention. Our aim is to give you a better understanding of alternatives to an economic system that is no longer sustainable. Learn to create vibrant regional economies and understand the true meaning of economy and wealth.

  • SDG Multipliers Handbook

    Literature | Gaia Education

    Gaia Education

    SDGs Training for Multipliers is designed to build the capacity of facilitators and multipliers of the vitally important conversation about how to implement the 17 SDGs and their 169 targets at the local and regional scale in ways that are carefully adapted to the bio-cultural uniqueness of each location. This question-centred training developed by Gaia Education in partnership with UNESCO Global Action Programme is designed to engage decision makers and community leaders in the development of meaningful projects that are locally relevant and collaboratively implemented by the communities themselves.

  • Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development

    Online Course | Gaia Education

    Gaia Education

    Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth; increases social equity and an environment that allows the world to thrive. Development is not possible without energy and sustainable development is not possible without sustainable energy. This online programme will give a comprehensive overview of renewable energy as a means to enable sustainable development at a global scale. Through a discussion of key benefits and suitability for a range of applications; together with extensive case studies; the programme aims to provide an overview of clean; secure and sustainable technology options for the development and management of renewable energy projects.

  • Design for Sustainability: Ecological

    Training Course | Gaia Education

    Gaia Education

    Ecological Design is an online course providing a broad perspective of the historical roots of ecological design thinking. It explores how regenerative design; permaculture; ecological economics and engineering could support the fundamental redesign of humanity’s impact on Earth. In this course you will study a full spectrum of ecological topics including Whole Systems Approach to Ecological Design; Appropriate Water Technology; Local Food Systems; and Green Building and Retrofitting. After completing this eight-week programme you will have the confidence and ability to position yourself in the fields of Ecological Design and Sustainability.

  • Sustainable Development Goals – Africa Programme

    Online Course | Gaia Education

    Gaia Education

    SDG AP is being introduced at this time to complement; correspond with; and assist African educational institutions in setting a standard for promoting an integrated approach to education for sustainable development; as well as building capacity of the skilled workforce required to make African cities exemplars of SDG implementation.

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