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Organisation Description

Understanding how to communicate to influence behaviour is at the heart of personal and corporate success – I provide training in message design based upon the ageless principles of rhetoric.

I work with a network of expert coaches from different backgrounds and disciplines including rhetoric, leadership, public speaking and theatre craft
We enable people and organisations to be more successful in winning business – bidding through team presentations – and delivering to clients

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Being a Compelling Consultant Programme (Parts 1 and 2)

    Training Course | Gareth Bunn Consulting

    Gareth Bunn Consulting

    Clients have very high expectations of consultants – well developed communications skills along with a range of soft skills to enable them to deal with pressured situations and difficult people. This course provides those essential tools and techniques which are drawn from psychology; neuroscience and rhetoric that equip delegates with the ability to be truly compelling and develop trusted relationships with clients.

  • Getting Your Message Across

    Training Course | Gareth Bunn Consulting

    Gareth Bunn Consulting

    Being an effective communicator is at the heart of personal and corporate success. Whether communication to internal groups; CXOs; clients or customers; a lot can ride on being clear; understandable and memorable. There is an added complication when a presentation is delivered by a team (typical of a sales pitch): the message must be consistent and persistent while unlocking the authentic personalities of the speakers. This course will equip delegates with the techniques to communicate effectively and persuasively as an individual and as a team. These essential tools and techniques draw upon psychology; neuroscience; anthropology and rhetoric.

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