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Organisation Description

Gerdas successfully tested certified and proven products include Fire Doorsets for Compartmentation; Residential Doorsets; Fire and Rescue Service Locking Systems for communal areas & vehicular access and The Premises Information Box (PIB)

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Your Business Survival: Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

    Seminar | Gerda Security Products Ltd

    Seminar covers Fire Safety Law; the new obligations placed on premises owners by the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) and outlines threats to the survival of an organisation in the event of a fire/incident; providing an insight as to how the Fire Service operates and how the Premises Information Box System can assist.

  • Specify Fd60(S) And Fd30(S) Doorsets Correctly: Don't Let Compromise Lead To Criminalisation

    Seminar | Gerda Security Products Ltd

    Seminar discusses the importance of correct specification of fire doorset assemblies; explains what a complete FD60/FD30 doorset is; covers current legislation; guidance; approved standards and testing and includes best practice design guidance.

  • When is a door not a door?

    Seminar | Gerda Security Products Ltd

    The scope of this seminar is to provide an overview of the latest legislation and regulatory requirements for doors in housing. It examines standard-based performance with a focus on fire; thermal insulation and latest additions to building regulations: Approved Document Q; Security for dwellings. The seminar provides a greater awareness of what affects specification in existing as well as new build and how to achieve compliance.