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Organisation Description

Develop & build skills for the 21st century in just 10 minutes a day. Share your skills and rank on your resume and social profiles. We are a team of nerds with diverse backgrounds from various countries, each with unique experiences and thought processes that challenge each other. Some of us are young and some of us are older and our work and education experience span from teaching to data science to product development to curriculum design to law etc.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • 21st century skills

    Online Course | GLEAC


    GLEAC is a virtual platform based on a patent pending method to build, measure, visualize and share 21st century skills. As the evolving workplace calls for a new set of skills that have often been excluded from traditional educational systems, GLEAC attempts to provide these skills in small chunks of training provided on a daily basis that is continually monitored and evaluated, thus allowing users to build these skills much like a muscle. This qualitative as well as quantitative evaluation of users as they complete fun and interesting daily activities is also available along with customized feedback. For CPD users, GLEAC courses provide upto 8 PDCs in the following skills; Leadership & Collaboration, Communication & Interpersonal, Creativity & Innovation and Business, Entrepreneurship and Initiative.

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