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Grant / Schwartz Business Consulting has a distinguished track record of enabling businesses in all industries to improve their performance and grow their operations by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.

Via sophisticated yet practical analysis of organizational and marketing challenges as well as developing and implementing plans for improvement, the firm has a well-earned reputation for providing tailored and personalized service with a “boutique” agency mentality. We thrive on generating momentum and excitement, being in the middle of the action, while coordinating all the different pieces that need to come together to increase our client’s bottom line.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Biomimetic Dentistry Level I

    Training Course | Grant-Schwartz Business Consulting

    Grant-Schwartz Business Consulting

    In this introductory 2-day Level I hands-on program Matt Nejad; DDS will teach attendees everything they need to know to get started practicing biomimetic dentistry; including the core science; techniques; and materials. The emphasis will be on posterior restorations; although the principles are applicable everywhere. The biomimetic approach restores teeth with adhesive restorations that mimic natural teeth in strength; function; and biomechanical properties. The emphasis is on preserving intact tooth structure and pulp vitality; in sharp contrast to traditional prosthodontic retention and stabilization form. Through extremely strong adhesive bonds; it will be demonstrated how teeth can be restored extremely effectively while minimizing complications.

Grant-Schwartz Business Consulting
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