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Organisation Description

At Handicare we are committed to making everyday life easier for disabled and elderly people and to empowering them to live an active life. We provide well-designed solutions that help increase independence and are easy and safe to use for both healthcare professionals and family members.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Application, Assessment, & Use Of Hoisting/Lifting Slings

    Training Course | Handicare

    This training course provides an introduction to the key criteria involved in the selection and application of hoisting/lifting slings.

  • Moving & Handling

    Training Course | Handicare

    This training course covers moving and handling, and looks at turning solutions in bed.

  • Single Carer Management

    Training Course | Handicare

    This training course provides an understanding of the strains on health and care budgets, and offers some solutions to reducing the manpower required in everyday caring, without compromising safety.

  • Solutions For The Heavier (Bariatric) Users

    Training Course | Handicare

    This training workshop provides an introduction to understanding the problems surrounding obesity, including assistance solutions such as sit-to-stand procedure; turning and repositioning in bed; easy sling applications; gait training; and lifting heavy limbs.

  • Seating Intervention using posture management

    Seminar | Handicare

    Principles of posture management and practical guidance on selecting seating solutions that will safely deliver comfort combined with good posture for wheelchair users

  • Postural Theory Relating to Equipment Provision

    Seminar | Handicare

    This course is designed to help equipment prescribers understand how to apply postural theory to available equipment. It will encourage providers to question current seating concepts and draw their own conclusion on what should be relevant for their client.

  • Sit To Stand

    Workshop | Handicare

    Participants in this workshop will get a theoretical and practical understanding of key principles of Sit to Stand as well as Stand to sit. The Module will focus on the use of the core skills of Sit to Stand and the importance of the use of core skills and principles when working with assistive devices to achieve a Sit to Stand. Focus will be given to clients that need assistance for Sit to Stand; from minimal assistance through to the use of the Standaid.