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Organisation Description

We were founded in 1986, so we have over 20 years’ experience serving healthcare organizations. Over that time, the healthcare sector in the countries where we work has changed dramatically. Throughout these changes, we have responded rapidly to changing expectations and helped the organizations we work with to be better prepared for new challenges related to the quality and safety of patient care.

We provide about 175 educational or consultancy services a year. Our customers have included public sector healthcare organizations, government bodies, Royal Colleges, private sector healthcare organizations, and others. Each year, we provide services for more than 50 healthcare organizations, in most cases directly with the staff that provide direct patient care services.

We have extensive experience working in university hospitals, community hospitals, primary care settings including individual general practices, mental health care settings for a full range of mental health services, services for people with learning disabilities, and other healthcare services.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Root Cause Analysis Workshop

    Workshop | Healthcare Quality Quest

    Healthcare Quality Quest

    The root cause analysis (RCA) workshop involves clinical staff and managers working in teams to analyse incidents in healthcare settings. The workshop goes beyond investigation to learn how to make patient care processes and systems safer and prevent the incident from happening again. Teams find the root causes of an incident and plan effective and feasible actions to improve patient safety in the future. The workshop includes what’s involved in human factors and helps to reduce the fear staff have about being blamed for what happened. The workshop content applies current evidence about the effectiveness of RCA in healthcare organisations.

  • Using Clinical Audit to Improve Patient Care Course

    Training Course | Healthcare Quality Quest

    Healthcare Quality Quest

    Staff in healthcare organisations know that clinical audit is important for accountability about quality care. They know about the audit ‘cycle’. However; in practice; many audits involve considerable data collection; but don’t lead to improvements in care. We have redesigned clinical audit as a quality improvement process. This course shows clinical staff and staff employed to support clinical audit how to make audit work properly to benefit patient care. Every stage in clinical audit is taught from an evidence-based practice perspective. The course takes 5 days. Segments of the course are provided in one- or two-day Clinical Audit workshops.

  • Clinical (Healthcare) Governance Course

    Training Course | Healthcare Quality Quest

    Healthcare Quality Quest

    Everyone working in a healthcare organisation has heard about clinical governance; but few people know exactly what is involved. The course explains how clinical governance works as a critical operational system made up of key components that all drive the continuous improvement of quality and safety of patient care. Components include: quality improvement; quality assurance; clinical audit; evidence-based practice; risk assessment and management; incident reporting; root cause analysis; patient safety; and staff appraisal and continuing development. The course is evidence-based and practical. It reviews current research on the components and includes useful tools and techniques for carrying out the components.

  • Assessing and Managing Risk in Healthcare Settings Workshop

    Training Course | Healthcare Quality Quest

    Healthcare Quality Quest

    The workshop helps clinical managers and staff in healthcare settings identify and manage risks in healthcare services to provide the safest possible patient care and environment; Possible risks from the patient safety evidence base are describe;. Staff are shown how to describe a risk properly; considering the cause and consequences of the situation the risk represents; Staff practise how to score risks; using locally available evidence; how to make decisions on handling risks to mitigate their effects to the extent possible; how to escalate a risk; and how to maintain a risk register; Relevant standards on risk assessment are reviewed

  • How to Teach Clinical Audit

    Training Course | Healthcare Quality Quest

    Healthcare Quality Quest

    The workshop Is for individuals who are expected to teach clinical staff how to carry out a clinical audit. Participants in the workshop learn how to apply a systematic approach to identify clinical staff’s requirements, expectations and future needs relating to clinical audit. They also learn how to use a teaching model to organise and teach content on the clinical audit process. Participants do several practical tasks to prepare to teach clinical audit, including learning needs analysis, formulating learning objectives, planning a teaching session, planning marketing, making administrative arrangements for teaching sessions, and evaluating teaching and acting on learners’ feedback.

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