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Organisation Description

Our approach is based on a single principle: in order to add real value to people’s lives it is essential that we work with them as equals. Our expertise and experience of working with people on their recovery journeys is valuable, and we believe this gives us a great deal to contribute, but we never impose our ideas. After all, our service users are the experts in their own lives..

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Domestic Abuse for Specialists Training

    Training Course | Hestia


    A training for specialists within organisations who are interested in supporting employees who endure; witness or perpetrate domestic abuse.

  • Domestic Abuse Champions Training

    Training Course | Hestia


    An in-depth training on coercive control; the dynamics of an abusive relationship; including people who endure and people who perpetrate; warning signs; case studies; how to speak to someone about domestic abuse; and a robust response/referral pathway including employer IDVA support. Clear information about what the champion/advocate role IS and more importantly what it isn’t will also be explored i.e. we are not asking champions/advocates to be counsellors or domestic abuse workers themselves.

  • Domestic Abuse Awareness training for Line Managers

    Training Course | Hestia


    A training for anyone who has line management responsibilities for 1 or more people within organisations to ensure they have information and knowledge and how to support employees who experience domestic abuse.

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