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Organisation Description

We are a consultancy practice comprising scientists and surveyors who deal exclusively with the management of Legionella and water quality. We remain totally independent having no commercial interest in any water treatment or water hygiene companies.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – General Awareness

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course offers a basic introduction to Legionnaires’ disease Management and Control and aims to provide the candidates with the foundation of knowledge to allow them to function correctly and adequately in their role and to be able to attend further intermediate and advanced level modules of this course.

  • Legionella Risk Management - Responsible Persons' Training (ILM Development Programme (B001)

    Seminar | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course is the highest standard of Legionella Management and Control training that can be achieved and we are the only company in the UK who have been accredited with being able to deliver it.

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa Risk Management – General Awareness

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course provides advice on how to systematically manage water systems for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and similar opportunistic pathogens and apply a suitable Risk Assessment approach in order to reduce the risk to patient safety.

  • Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Risk Assessment Management

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course offers candidates who have attended a General Awareness Course detailed information and instruction on the management of the Risk Assessment Process and collected results interpretation. This allows for correct PPM Programming and Remedial Works prioritisation scheduling. In addition, this module enables the candidate to consider the requirements of BS8580 : 2010 – Water Quality – Risk Assessment for Legionella control Code of Practice and also the DoH Guidance on Pseudomonas Management and Control.

  • Legionella Risk Management - Project Management (Capital Works) (ILM Development Programme (B001)

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course is designed to allow candidates to obtain a high level of knowledge on the implication of their designs and installation/changes to systems on the Management and Control of Legionellosis across the site.

  • Legionella Risk Management - PPM and Log Book Management (ILM Development Programme (B001)

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course is the most advanced specific level training currently offered in the UK and delivered exclusively by Hydrop accredited trainers. The course is designed specifically to enable candidates to exercise sufficient Risk Management of Legionnaires’ disease across their organisation.

  • Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Usage Evaluation & Flushing

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course is specifically geared to allow the candidate to develop an appreciation of the requirements of the Legionella and Pseudomonas Management and Control Programme employed by the site and to understand their role and responsibilities within this.

    The introduction of a successful Usage Evaluation and Flushing process across a site depends entirely on ensuring that the people expected to carry out this process have been adequately and suitably informed, instructed and trained to enable them to be aware of their procedural, legal and moral responsibilities and to carry out the task correctly.

  • Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Departmental Management Responsibilities

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course provides the candidates with the required knowledge of all relevant legislation, guidance and Best-Practice requirements, for their specific departments remit, to ensure that they are suitably capable of contributing to their organisation’s Legionella and Water Quality Risk Management Programme.

  • Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Responsible Persons' Refresher

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This is a one-day refresher course for individuals who have attended the full 3-day Legionella Risk Management – Responsible Persons’ Training (ILM Development Programme (B001)) course two or more years ago and is designed specifically to help keep knowledge in this area up-to-date and relevant.

  • Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management - Sample Collection Methodology

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    This course provides advice on how to select and collect water samples for bacteriological analysis in a correct, proper and accurate manner, as described in the various pertinent Guidance documents and Codes of Practice, in order to ensure that sample quality and resultant laboratory analysis are not undermined by poor sample collection technique.

  • Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Governance Requirements

    Training Course | HYDROP E.C.S.

    Designed to assist the participants and their organisation to meet their ‘Governance’ obligations under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. This is to be achieved through the completion of the following eight objectives: outline of the current governance problems; governmental and empirical evidence supporting the governance problem statements; current legal requirements and national code of practice guidance (organisational & personal); role of the Water Safety Group (WSG); what a good Water Safety Plan (WSP) looks like; what ‘good-governance’ looks like compared to ‘bad-governance’; mop-up session at the end; examination.

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