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Organisation Description

ISC International organises worldwide Congresses, workshops and trainings with the best Experts on the Psychotherapy, and Interpersonal Neurobiology Field. ISC was founded in 2005 by Alessandro Carmelita and Valeria Idini, who aimed to offer highly qualified training services in the fields of psychotherapy and neuroscience. Their goal was meeting therapists’ need to constantly update their knowledge of the most advanced and efficient therapies from a scientific point of view.

The workshops, training and conferences that ISC organizes every year are attended by some of the most leading experts in the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Mindfulness, just to name a few. Additionally, the company is increasingly focusing on relational-based and, more specifically, attachment-based therapeutic approaches.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Body Keeps the Score

    Webinar | I.S.C. SRL

    I.S.C. SRL

    This workshop will present current research findings about how people’s brains; minds and bodies are affected by traumatic experiences. We will explore specific techniques that address affect regulation; the integration of dissociated aspects of experience; overcoming helplessness; attentional deficits and the re-integration of human connections.

  • Easy Ego State Interventions

    Workshop | I.S.C. SRL

    I.S.C. SRL

    This workshop is a practical overview of understanding ego state therapy for dissociative and non-dissociative clients. Participants will get a working model of ego states; how to bring resourced “oldest; wisest” parts to the front and access other positive states; how to heal simple trauma and complex trauma (including sexual trauma); deal with relationship issues (including finding a good relationship); contain and heal distressed and destructive parts in “high-tech” safe places; keep all parts oriented to the present; work with suicidal parts; and deal with personality-disordered clients. The workshop includes lecture and practice.

  • Attachment & Trauma Congress: Personality Development & Psychotherapy

    Event | I.S.C. SRL

    I.S.C. SRL

    World-leading experts in London will share their knowledge about attachment; trauma; and personality development. After the Attachment & Trauma Congress in May 2017; this conference is another event in the international fields of psychology and psychotherapy. The three-day event will consist of 11 presentations and a panel discussion in which participants are encouraged to bring their questions to the experts; allowing informative and fascinating learning to take place.

  • AEDP: Undoing Aloneness & The Transformation of Emotional Suffering

    Training Course | I.S.C. SRL

    I.S.C. SRL

    Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) is a transformational and healing-oriented – rather than psychopathology based – model of therapy founded by Diana Fosha; Ph.D. Through extensive audio-visually recorded therapy sessions; this immersion course will provide ample exposure to AEDP’s hallmark techniques that: (1) actively and explicitly work with the experience of the attachment; here-and-now; in the therapeutic dyad; (2) use dyadic affect regulation to undo aloneness and process intense overwhelming emotions; and (3) actively; explicitly and experientially work to process intense emotional experiences until adaptive healing resources are released.

  • ABFT (Attachment Based Family Therapy) Introductory Workshop

    Workshop | I.S.C. SRL

    I.S.C. SRL

    This workshop is presented by the Drexel ABFT Training Program. On Day 1; an overview including theoretical principles and clinical strategies will be offered. The Trainer will review how attachment theory; emotion regulation; and trauma resolution inform this experiential approach. The structure of the five treatment tasks – that provide a road map for delivering this interpersonal treatment – will be explored. For those interested in more intensive training; Days 2 and 3 provide a more in-depth look at the procedures and process involved in facilitating the therapy. The teaching format includes lecture; video tape review; case discussion; and role play.

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